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Tahitian Noni Juice Splash Bottle - The Original - The Authentic - Tahitian Noni Juice




Is Tahitian NoniŽ International's Tahitian NoniŽ Juice really superior?   That is the question people ask who have not yet experienced the miracle of Tahitian NoniŽ Juice!  We think it is really important for you to know that you are getting the very best quality noni product on the market, so we have provided you with everything you need to know to cut through all the hype and misleading information to make an educated decision!


Before Tahitian NoniŽ International launched Tahitian NoniŽ Juice, they spent 3 years and millions of dollars in research and development to ensure that Tahitian NoniŽ Juice would be the very best noni product available anywhere in the world - ever!  And even with all the imitations flooding the market, that is still true today!


Since Tahitian NoniŽ International first launched Tahitian NoniŽ Juice in July of 1996 and quickly went from $40,000 in their first month of business to almost $40 million a month - over $1 million a day!  In only 5 years, Tahitian NoniŽ International set an astonishing record of $1 Billion in sales! As of 2011, Tahitian Noni Brand Products have generated an astonishing $4.5 BILLION in sales worldwide!

 Tahitian Noni Banner Seal - $1 BILLION Sold from 1996 to 2001

"Using the 2003 lists of public companies as reported in the Fortune 500, the Global Fortune 1000, and the Forbes 500, and after adjusting for inflation, as far a we can determine, Tahitian Noni International would have been the fourth fastest-growing company in modern history."* ~Griffin Hill Consulting [*Behind Google, Intel and Federal Express!]


How can you compete with that kind of success?  Is it any wonder that other noni companies are trying to copy the original, authentic Tahitian NoniŽ Juice?!


And while Tahitian NoniŽ International is all for fair competition, they take exception to the unethical and misleading tactics being used to compete in the marketplace.  You have to wonder about a company that:

  • Uses Tahitian NoniŽ International's Unique Story as their Own - Their Origin, Their Research, Their Testimonials!

  • Copies Tahitian NoniŽ International's Original Bottle/Label Design to Confuse Consumers Forcing Tahitian NoniŽ International to Redesign and Trademark the New Bottle to Protect Consumers!

  • Uses a Play-on-Words when Naming their Product to Confuse Consumers into Thinking they are Getting Authentic Tahitian NoniŽ Juice!

  • Advertises their Product as "Tahitian Noni Juice" and as the "Original"

  • Quotes Tahitian NoniŽ International's Literature - Sometimes Word-for-Word!

  • Claims Endorsement and Cites Research Conducted by Tahitian NoniŽ International's Own Scientists and Company Founders, John Wadsworth and Stephen Story!

  • Quotes and Claims Endorsements from Dr. Scott Gerson, Dr. Mona Harrison, and Other Leading Health Care Professionals who Only Endorse Tahitian NoniŽ Juice!

  • Claims Endorsements and Cites Research Conducted by the Foremost Authority on Morinda citrifolia, Dr. Ralph Heinicke, who Works Closely with Tahitian NoniŽ International and Only Endorses Tahitian NoniŽ Juice!

You have to wonder...  If they have their own story, why tell ours?  If they have their own research, why reference ours?  If they have their own scientists and health care professionals, why quote ours?  If they have their own testimonials, why tell ours?


Some independent researchers and health care professionals who have conducted clinical studies and research only on Tahitian NoniŽ Juice have been forced to take legal action to protect their names from being deceptively used in connection with other noni products!


So if noni products are really all the same, then why would these independent researchers and healthcare professionals go to the extraordinary time and expense to prevent others from using their names in connection with their products?!


And if Tahitian NoniŽ Juice really isn't the best noni product on the market, then why is everyone trying to compare themselves to Tahitian NoniŽ Juice?!


To prevent consumer confusion with so many look-a-like noni products, Tahitian NoniŽ International designed a unique new trademarked bottle that was launched January 1, 2001.  This new bottle design clearly distinguishes the original authentic Tahitian NoniŽ Juice from all other noni products on the market!  And it looks great too!

Bottle of Tahitian Noni Juice

So be sure to always look for the trademarked green glass bottle with the gold seal and the words "Tahitian NoniŽ Juice" engraved in the glass, to ensure you are getting the original, authentic Tahitian NoniŽ Juice from Tahitian NoniŽ International!  And only purchase Tahitian NoniŽ Juice from an authorized Tahitian NoniŽ International representative!


As time passes, consumers are becoming educated and are no longer being fooled into believing that all noni products are the same.  They are finding that "You get what you pay for" as the saying goes!  So are you really saving money by buying a cheaper product that doesn't work?


The most convincing evidence comes from consumers themselves.  Every minute, 20 bottles of Tahitian NoniŽ Juice are sold worldwide!  Č


Some consumers who have purchased other noni products have reported subtle benefits, but few reported miraculous results.


If a consumer uses a noni product with at least some noni ingredients in it that have remained active through processing, no doubt they will experience some type of benefits.


But, just imagine what they would have experienced if they had purchased authentic Tahitian NoniŽ Juice?!


Many consumers who have tried other noni products tend to think they are all the same.  However, that is simply not true.  Unless you try authentic Tahitian NoniŽ Juice, you did not try noni!  Ć

Banner Collage of People in Different Countries with Tahitian Noni Juice

The other evidence is that most consumers who have decided to try another noni product to save money, come back for authentic Tahitian NoniŽ Juice! Č


It does not take long to realize that cheaper is no bargain if it doesn't work!   And you have to wonder... Would a consumer really pay more for a product that worked as well as a cheaper one?  Would you?


Like you, I want the very best products available and the best value!  But, I have also learned that "You get what you pay for!".


Once you experience the Tahitian NoniŽ Juice difference, nothing else can compare!


The evidence is clear - and it is overwhelming!  Millions of people around the world are convinced that Tahitian NoniŽ Juice is the very best noni product in the world!  How about you?


The Tahitian NoniŽ Advantage

is Now Your Advantage!


Insist on the Original, Authentic Tahitian NoniŽ Juice

Exclusively from Tahitian NoniŽ International!


Your Body will Know the Difference!



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